Linden – Special Needs

Linden has just come into care with us but this is what we know about her prior to coming to us:

Linden isn’t ready yet she needs TPL surgery before she will be ready to go !

Linden grew up spending most of her time in an outdoor pen with her 2 siblings.  She and her sister were surrendered by the owner in November 2020 when they were about 5 months old.  Sadly no one realized that Linden had a congenital syndrome known as Ehlers-Danlos.  She was a mess and was covered in scabs from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail because the syndrome causes her skin to be very fragile.

Arriving in her foster home she was terrified, and it took her 3 days to leave the safety of her crate.  She came out to see one of her senior foster siblings who she just loves.  The next few weeks were spent adjusting to things like the sounds of traffic and people on walks around the neighbourhood. A month later she got a very bad skin tear on her arm and had to go to the vet to be stitched up.  Her foster mom did some research and suspected she had EDS.  She healed up very well and then 2 months later was spayed without any issues.

About a month later Linden got a couple of big tears on her back legs and during the stitching up process the site of the IV line also got a big tear.  The word euthanasia came up but thankfully that did not happen.

Linden’s foster mom got to work researching how to deal with EDS and joined some FB groups for animals with EDS and she learned a lot.  Linden got a lycra body suit from K9 Topcoat and this has resolved about 90% of her issues.  She has gotten a couple of nicks on her head but everything has healed up nicely. The severity of EDS can range widely, and Linden appears to have a milder form of the syndrome. Her skin issues can be well managed with her suit and a safe managed environment. When Linden was feeling great and loving the freedom she got in her suit, she had a serious case of the zoomies, but she slipped and tore her ACL.  She is going to need TPLO surgery to fix her knee.

It was at this point BPR agreed to take her on and make sure she gets a chance at a great life and gets the help she needs.

Through it all Linden has been a happy loving girl, who seeks out love and attention from all the people and animals she meets. She has an exceptional zest for her new life and will be looking for a special home in the future.

Donations GREATLY appreciated to help us cover her leg surgery ! Click here to learn more on how to help Linden! Tax receipts given to every donation

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