Nugget came to us last year after we trapped him and hundreds of other cats and kittens !   Nugget came into our care as a wee baby and so sick we weren’t sure if he would make it.    He had a severe eye infection that took multiple medications 5 times a day for weeks and weeks.  But thankfully it worked and we were able to save his eye !   It is still always a bit weepy now but otherwise it is fine !      Since we had to provide so much ongoing medical care to Nugget he sadly had to be caged for months so that we were able to get the medication into him so many times a day.   This of course meant that poor Nugget didn’t get to run and play and do normal kitten things.    Once his eye was finally better he was finally sprung from his cage and was able to Be FREE !    He was pretty crazy and all over the place at first.   But he has come along way .. he still gets overly stimulated easily but we are so happy to have him be able to run and play and be a normal cat!  He is in a foster home with Many cats and kittens and he was able to learn a few things off the other cats In the foster home.  he really needs a home with another playful spunky cat as he loves all the other cats in the foster home !

Sadly after a month or so of being free and learning to be a “cat” he was diagnosed with FIP

In the past FIP was not treatable and sadly almost always they would not survive.  Thankfully there is now treatment for this disease and he went through 84 days of medications, and then another 84 days of monitoring and we just ran bloods on him and he is clear and good to go !

So Nugget is now ready for his forever home!     Nugget is a gorgeous slinky black boy with a beautiful face …  but be warned ..  behind that beautiful face is a trouble maker in the making ..  if he doesn’t like what your doing he will tell you in no uncertain terms.    With a swish of his tail he will yell in your face with a squawk and a hiss.    If you are lucky you might even get a bit of a nip (but never hard)   .. He loves his treats and food and will pull at you with his paws if you aren’t getting it fast enough for him.     He has a mind of his own and doesn’t not care if you prefer him NOT to be on the counter .. Nugget likes to do as he pleases and if you try and tell him otherwise he just looks at you with that innocent face and does what he wants anyway.

He definitely knows his name and will come when you call him ~  Probably not because he likes to obey you,  but more because he is hoping for a good snack !   He does have a soft side that he doesn’t like to talk about ..   he LOVES to play with other cats and kittens ..   and does love a cuddle sometimes  ..  but he will never admit it.   He isn’t a fan of the pick up and cuddle but he will accept it from time to time, as well as a couple kisses and a nice chin scratch .. especially in the morning ..    He isn’t a cat for the faint of heart, ..   and needs a home where he will be loved and adored with all his quirks.   He will melt your heart if you just give him the chance

He has had such a sad start in life that we know he didn’t get all he needed to learn and socialize properly.    But we all love him and his quirky personality ..   

Broken Promises Rescue is a volunteer run, not-for-profit, animal rescue organization located in the lower Vancouver Island. We are a group of long time rescuers that have come together to focus on improving the lives of unwanted, neglected and orphaned animals on Vancouver Island (as well as remote communities and other areas of B.C. if our resources allow us to.) Currently we are seeing many pets overlooked in the shelter system because they have less than desirable qualities. They may have medical or behavioral issues or they may simply be the wrong color, age or breed. At Broken Promise Rescue we believe all animals deserve to experience a life without pain, loneliness or hunger and want them to know what it feels like to be loved and cherished, despite appearance, age or medical condition. We are also dedicated to public education and raising awareness to help end the ongoing abuse, neglect and suffering. Educating children and adults about the responsibilities of animal ownership will go a long way in influencing public opinion on proper animal care, and help mold a more compassionate future. No animal should suffer at the hands of ignorance.

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