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Bri’s Beaded Bracelet and Key chains!

Bri’s Beaded Bracelet and Key chains! Custom Orders Welcome 100% of the proceeds from these orders will come back to us ! Just say Broken promises Rescue Sent you! Call or text Bri to order yours! 250 893 0711

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Horse litter!

Welcome the “Horse litter” to BPR ! Colt, Filly and Sable ! 2 boys and 1 girl. They were born March 29th. They will be up for adoption in a few weeks ! stay tuned for more information. Filly –

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Charlie is a super sweet extremely affectionate and outgoing boy!   He’s between 10 and 12 years old we think.   He is in the early stages of kidney disease but with a little bit of medication and good food we can

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George – A Memoir

Purchase one of these great books and $1 from each sale will come back to us ! Have you ever had a pet? Have you ever wanted one? Learn about how George became part of our family, the joy he

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Peanut is a 7 year old unneutered bunny that is really easy going. He will be up for adoption soon…..

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Jake and Baxter -bonded pair

Two young boys (1-2 years) are looking for a home together! They are friendly, vaccinated, tested negative for FIV and Felv. Looking for a loving home and best suited for a home without small children Jake is affectionate and playful.

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Rose and Logan

What is more loving than a Lab? Two Labs! Rose, at 11, and Logan, at 7, could easily be the poster pups for this gentle breed. Easygoing and entertaining, friendly and frisky, they thrive on long walks and even longer

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This little mouse is looking for a home!  He’s very sweet and easy to care for.   Send us an email if you have more questions or looking to adopt

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Welcome Cooper to BPR. He will be up for adoption soon after his neuter. He is easy going and calm Netherland dwarf bunny.

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Foxy is a super sweet young boy who was sadly hit by a car and nobody came looking for him.   Thankfully the crd shelter contacted us to take him on.   he’s a super sweet gentle boy who we are still

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“Friends” litter

Monica is mom.. she’s a super sweet petite little girl only about two years old… Monica Her babies are Pheobe, Chandler Bing and Joey.    They were born mid March and they won’t be ready to go to their forever homes for

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Aru : Beautiful like the Sun; has a better life…. Aru is a very sweet and loving 8 months little girl…. She is a super small petite girl who loves to cuddle…she’s a tiny bit shy  to start but doesn’t

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Panda and Torah

Please welcome Panda and Torah. Torah Torah is a bit of a shy girl but warms up very quickly with the help of her sister panda and once she gets to know you she loves to being cuddled and petted

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Radiant at 11 years young is Maisie, the sweet and gentle Ragdoll. This blue-eyed beauty, as is typical of her breed, is blessed with a docile and placid purr-sonality, and while shy at first blush, LOVES affection and being brushed

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Jewellery that helps benefit Canadian animal rescues

AdvoCATeShop Jewellery that helps benefit Canadian animal rescues                 Purchase some of this super cute Jewelry !! Just go to this etsy page and then can choose “Broken Promises Rescue” to benefit upon checkout. We will receive between 20-25% of each piece purchased by patrons

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Sweet, genial George, whose owner recently passed away, is a purr-fect blend of affectionate and independent — as content to curl lovingly on your lap as he is to explore his environment. Born in September 2012, he and his adored

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Butterbean and Mr.P

Updated June 17/19 Butterbean and Mr. P Butterbean and Mr. P are a delightful bonded pair. Butterbean is the leader of the pair with an adventurous and fearless nature. She loves to know what is going on and will thoroughly

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Stubbs – adoption pending

UPDATE April 10/19 Friendly, affectionate and ever so sweet, Stubbs was saved from a shelter where he had been turned in with a broken tail. And yet despite his discomfort, he purred and played and used his litter box like

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Updated April 6 Gossip Aptly named because she’s a delightfully chatty kitty, gregarious Gossip is outgoing with an outsized purr-sonality, loves being loved and loves sitting on laps. While she gets along easily and happily with the other animals in

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Peach & Pickles

Lush and lovely Peach is easygoing and calm and as sweet as her name implies. At 1.5 years of age, she gets along wonderfully with the other animals in her foster home, and since loving could be her middle name,

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Potato is a handsome, easy going gentleman who is just as happy exploring and clambering around the house as he is curling onto your lap for a quick snooze. He’s a very friendly and loving cat who loves attention and

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Updated April 6 Harold couldn’t be happier now that he’s safe in a foster home! The sweet former stray with the laid back and loving purr-sonality was just diagnosed with diabetes and accepts his insulin shots easily and without issue.

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Cookie – In Care – A loving story

Cookie is in foster care with loving people who want to adopt her once she is ready, but we felt her story needed to be shared so we are posting here.  She is so loving and strong she disserves for

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In the dictionary under lap cat, there should be a photo of tender and tranquil Tyrell. The sweet 7-year-old Japanese Bobtail thrives on affection and loves being petted and kissed. UTD on his vaccinations and deemed hale and hearty by

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Cupid – adoption pending

Updated March 31/19 Cupid …Aptly named for the Roman god of love, our Cupid quite simply LOVES every person and pet he meets. Aged between 10 and 12 years, this sweetest of former strays is easygoing and eager to please,

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Her name is Princess but she has been treated like anything but royalty. This ten year old girl has had a rough life, mostly at the end of a short tether where she has been attacked by other dogs and

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Emma An endearing Yorkie/Shi tzu mix, sweet Emma, at 13 years of age, is all about cuddling as much and as often as possible. With a puppy like spring in her step, she loves going on walks and visiting the

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Granville He is a special needs bunny do to his tilt . The vet is unsure of the cause and is on antibiotics to see if it can help. A left ear infection, bacterial, mites or old injury. But none

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Penelope aka Penny

Penelope aka Penny Penny was found near Mt. Tolmie and Fled Volunteer found her and contacted BPR. She is under 6 months friendly, social bunny that is wanting a forever home. She is litterbox trainer and loves her toys.

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