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Butterbean and Mr.P

Updated April 10/19 If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this one is priceless! Could anything be cuter than a bonded pair of cuddling guinea pigs named Butterbean (2 years old) and Mr. P (3 years old) who hope to

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UPDATE April 10/19 Friendly, affectionate and ever so sweet, Stubbs was saved from a shelter where he had been turned in with a broken tail. And yet despite his discomfort, he purred and played and used his litter box like

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Updated April 6 Gossip Aptly named because she’s a delightfully chatty kitty, gregarious Gossip is outgoing with an outsized purr-sonality, loves being loved and loves sitting on laps. While she gets along easily and happily with the other animals in

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Peach & Pickles

Lush and lovely Peach is easygoing and calm and as sweet as her name implies. At 1.5 years of age, she gets along wonderfully with the other animals in her foster home, and since loving could be her middle name,

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Potato – adoption pending

Updated April 6 If you like your potatoes sweet, then our Potato is purr-fect for you. With a face that invites kisses and squishes, he’s barely past kitten hood at about 1.5 years old, is both easygoing and loving, and

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Updated April 6 Harold couldn’t be happier now that he’s safe in a foster home! The sweet former stray with the laid back and loving purr-sonality was just diagnosed with diabetes and accepts his insulin shots easily and without issue.

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Cookie – In Care – A loving story

Cookie is in foster care with loving people who want to adopt her once she is ready, but we felt her story needed to be shared so we are posting here.  She is so loving and strong she disserves for

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In the dictionary under lap cat, there should be a photo of tender and tranquil Tyrell. The sweet 7-year-old Japanese Bobtail thrives on affection and loves being petted and kissed. UTD on his vaccinations and deemed hale and hearty by

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Cupid – adoption pending

Updated March 31/19 Cupid …Aptly named for the Roman god of love, our Cupid quite simply LOVES every person and pet he meets. Aged between 10 and 12 years, this sweetest of former strays is easygoing and eager to please,

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Her name is Princess but she has been treated like anything but royalty. This ten year old girl has had a rough life, mostly at the end of a short tether where she has been attacked by other dogs and

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Emma An endearing Yorkie/Shi tzu mix, sweet Emma, at 13 years of age, is all about cuddling as much and as often as possible. With a puppy like spring in her step, she loves going on walks and visiting the

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Granville He is a special needs bunny do to his tilt . The vet is unsure of the cause and is on antibiotics to see if it can help. A left ear infection, bacterial, mites or old injury. But none

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Penelope aka Penny

Penelope aka Penny Penny was found near Mt. Tolmie and Fled Volunteer found her and contacted BPR. She is under 6 months friendly, social bunny that is wanting a forever home. She is litterbox trainer and loves her toys.

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Biscuit and Oreo

 Biscuit and Oreo These 2 girls under the age of 1 are long hair beauties !! They are social critters, love attention and there fresh veggies always make them squeak!!

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Updated March 9/19 Teasing you with her tantalizing gaze and athletic posturing is 3-year-old Harley, one honey of a tortie. Highly intelligent, affectionate and active, she loves playing fetch, perching in her cat tree in the window and snuggling with

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Toby – adoption pending

Toby just came to us today so won’t be ready to go for a bit as we still have to vet him and get him neutered and learn more about him but if you are interested let us know or

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Patience – adoption pending

Patience came to us after being hit my a car… and needed extensive care on her leg… She’s only 11 months old..and should be ready for her new home in a couple weeks! Update:  (March 3) We have been getting to know

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Horoscope kittens

Updated March 9/19 Aries is adopted!!! Gemini and Taurus:   Named for two of the signs on the zodiac and born around September 2018, these once-shy celestial sweeties have only grown sweeter. While black beauty Taurus may be more outgoing than

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Wally “G”

Welcome Wally “G” to BPR. He is a 5 year old Guinea Pig and up for Adoption💙

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Updated:  March 9/19 Her luminous eyes can melt hearts in a moment! Charismatic Crystal is sugar sweet, ever so loving and oh so gentle. Aged between two and three, the affectionate former stray has tested positive for FIV, but that

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Tonic and Sprite

  Tonic Is adopted !!! her baby Sprite is a boy but he’s very shy so we need a bit more time with him till he’s ready to go!!  Sprite is about 5 months old

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This sweet boy is only 14 months old and the dwarf hamster waiting for home of his very own! Please email us if you’d like more information..  

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Updated March 9/19 With her full, fluffy body and friendly demeanor, Frizz, the fanciful tortie, is about 10 years old and currently living at the Saanichton Village Veterinary Hospital. Having entered their care with diabetes, thanks to the proper nutrition

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Dolly is looking for a new home of a very own after she lost her mom…here is a write-up from the family hoping to find a new home for her.. Dolly and my mum. Mum was already in a wheelchair

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Torres – adoption pending

Torres is a loyal, loving guy.   He is about 1.5 years old… He plays well with other dogs off leash at the dog park and has tons of energy. He loves to play, but also loves to curl up with

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Updated:   Feb 26/19 Make Miller yours and you’ll know how it feels to be well and truly LOVED. The cuddly Welsh Corgi is 15 years young, and since all of his siblings have lived to be 20, this cutie still

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Updated:   Feb 25/19 Rocking her tri-colour coat is Roxi who, between the age of 10 and 12 months, remains a puppy at heart: mischievous and playful, curious and headstrong. She’s also extremely sweet, very bright and a fast learner provided

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Star Wars Litter

Updated March 9/19 Out of this world kittens, Leia, Darth and Luke, born around September 2018, are sweet yet shy as they explore our galaxy on their ever-expanding paws. Curious, cute and growing more cuddly by the day, they especially

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Courtesy post.. Meet Shylo, She is 14 months old, spayed and vaccinated. She has had a challenging first year in her young life. Yesterday was her first ever play date with another dog, it was also her first x-country ski.

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Bearded dragon – courtesy post

He comes with everything you would need. He is very friendly with everyone, kids included. He isn’t fussy on salad but loves super worms, crickets and horned worms You would need a truck or a van with no seats to

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