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Cookie – In Care – A loving story

Cookie is in foster care with loving people who want to adopt her once she is ready, but we felt her story needed to be shared so we are posting here.  She is so loving and strong she disserves for

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Frenchy is a sweet boy who was found as a stray and no one came looking so we sprung him from the CRD shelter !   He is about 8 – 10 years old ..  was a bit skinny when found

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Mickey – Long Term Foster care

Mickey came to us in April 30/11 Update: Mickey finally made it out of the vet hospital last night.  Poor guy spent the whole week hooked up to IV fluids to try and flush his system out.  He did have

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Macci – Long Term Care

Macci to us after a women approached us who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer and did not have much longer to live.    She asked us if we would take her on and love her for what ever days she had

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Yoda and Zoe – Long Term Care

These two kittens also came into foster care extremely sick and they took over 6 months of medications and care to survive !   They as well didn’t tame up well enough to be adopted ..  unless we can find a

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Kenny & Jenny – Long Term Care

these two semi feral kittens came into care as very sick babies !  they took months of medications and long term care to survive !  They are thriving now but sadly never tamed up well enough to go to a

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Kacey – Long Term Care

Kacey was caught as a kitten and was feral ..  He unfortunately didn’t tame up as well as his siblings did so he has been living his life in his foster home .. he doesn’t want to be touched but

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Pillow – Long term care

Pillow is a feral cat who came into care many years ago .. when her care taker passed away she came into our care and is now living in a safe and loved home

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