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Jole and Raphael

Born February 25 2021 Jole He is such a boy he love to explore and sometimes gets in trouble. He is such a funny little guys. He know is name and come running when you call him. He also know

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Ori’s Litter

The “Secondary Sci-Fi Characters” Litter, AKA Ori’s litter – DOB: Aug 15 2021 Listed oldest kitten to youngest: All adopted except Chiana is still available !!! Kira– ADOPTED Male, Orange Tabby with white markings, and blue eyes. Kira is out

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We have many kittens ready for new homes. Please be sure to read our adoption process and fees page. Please note we like to adopt our kittens out in pairs so that can have a better life have a buddy

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Ben- adoption pending

This sweet and shy boy is about 11 months. He came to us off the streets with a injured leg. Thankfully with time and rest it has healed well and doesn’t seem to cause him any greif. He is a

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This is Winston (Winnie). He is a lovely 5 month old kitten. He has a lovely purr and a quiet meow. He is adventurous, playful and loves his snuggles. He loves to explore and play with his toys. Lazers and

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Leo is a gorgeous boy just about a year old now. He is shy and takes a while to warm up but very gentle and sweet. He needs a quiet patient home. 😂. He loves the other cats in the

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Ruby – Courtesy Post

Ruby is a 13 year old, spayed female, domestic shorthair (though her vet says she likely has some Siamese traits in her also). Over the past 5 years or so, she has become more and more anxious and stressed out

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Midnight Train Litter

These beauties were born on Mothers day May 9 2021 — Please read our adoption process and fee’s before adopting ! Onyx. Boy… Manx. Spunky and first to rub and purr against your leg. Loves people. Midnight. Boy. The biggest

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Nugget came to us after we trapped him and hundreds of other cats and kittens !   Nugget came into our care as a wee baby and so sick we weren’t sure if he would make it.    He had a severe eye

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this sweet boy is only about 8-9 months of age. Super sweet and easy going. Very playful and outgoing. He is healthy and had all his vet stuff done and waiting for his forever home ! Now even though this

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Kittens coming soon…

No info yet other than kittens coming in the next month or more… If interested please go to our adoption process and fees page… We are a volunteer run organization so unfortunately we can only respond to those who are

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Sarah is about 2-3 and a gorgeous girl with the typical “Torti-tude” .. She’s got that quirky personality that torti girls generally have. She is shy so needs a quieter calm home and does like attention but will tell you

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Elliott – On hold

Unfortunately Elliott is on hold for treatment of FIP .. will update when he is ready to go to a forever home ! This sweet boy is playful and adorable. He is shy to start but warms up pretty fast.

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Darth is a sweet and loving boy.   He was born approx. Nov 2018.  Darth was born Feral on the street so he is now Semi Feral.   He is shy to start so needs a quieter calmer home and will take

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Carmen is a sweet gentle girl who was born approx. March 2020.    She is very sweet and pretty calm for her age.    She is loving and sweet once she gets settled in and feels safe.    She is good with other

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