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Granville He is a special needs bunny do to his tilt . The vet is unsure of the cause and is on antibiotics to see if it can help. A left ear infection, bacterial, mites or old injury. But none

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Updated March 9/19 With her full, fluffy body and friendly demeanor, Frizz, the fanciful tortie, is about 10 years old and currently living at the Saanichton Village Veterinary Hospital. Having entered their care with diabetes, thanks to the proper nutrition

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Mickey – mild special needs

Welcome Mickey to BPR! This sweet boy has come to us in hopes of finding a new forever home.. We think Mickey is a CH kitty or our Vet thinks it could also be that he has some spinal / nerve damage

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This week out came to us from Nanaimo Animal Control… She’s an older girl about 12 or 13.. has thyroid issues but we give her the cream medication that you just rubbing her ear so it’s super easy!   But if

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Meet angel.. he’s he’s a sweet older boy about 15 years old.. but definitely has lots of life left in him… He’s had a rough past so does take a bit of time to trust.. but once he trusts you

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Chatty Cathy

This sweet girl is Chatty Cathy.. she was found as a stray but thankfully she’s in good hands now and in a loving foster. But waiting for a forever home so she can live out the rest of her life

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Keesha – Long Term Care

Keesha is a senior poodle who was found as a stry and no onwer could be found. She has been placed into a long term retirement home where she can spend the rest of her days on a warm sofa.

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Tai – Long Term Care

Tai is a sweet girl who unfortunately has been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer ..   It isn’t her time yet though so we are loving her and caring for her and for now she is loving her walks and cuddles and

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Molly – In long Term Care

Molly came into foster care after being found as a semi feral stray ..  she was also born with no eye lids !   this would of course in time cause her to go blind as the hair was rubbing into

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Belle – Long term Care

Belle was a old gal when she came to us and we didn’t think she had long .. but over 2 years later she is still loved and cared for by her long term foster mom !  

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Rupert – Long term Care

Rupert came to us as a senior boy who was having seizures ..  We didn’t expect him to survive long but almost 2 years later in care and he is doing great !  he lives with dogs and a bunny

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Helen is a sweet girl about 10 – 12 years of age .. she came to us from Terrace BC.    She is hyper thyroid so is on medication (just goes in her ear) so super easy but we are going

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Lena – rest in peace

Lena is a sweet dilute torti who was turned in as a stray to Animal control but no one came looking for her .. she is super gentle and loves to be brushed and petted.   She would probably do best

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