Suzy Hahn

List your Home with Suzy Hahn and $500 will be donated to Broken Promises Rescue !     ~ Just be sure to tell her we sent you !

Suzy is one of the Top Real Estate Consultant in Victoria and has been Selling homes for over 28 years !   I (Pamela) can personally recommend her as she sold my home in 5 days and amazed me with her expertise and skill in getting the price down on the home I purchased !

Her Slogan is precise
“If you want it GONE, call Suzy Hahn

Suzy has also started a new Expired Listings Victoria Division”  –   Suzy is one of Vancouver Island’s leading experts in the sale of EXPIRED/PREVIOUSLY LISTED and UNSOLD properties, some of which were listed by several real estate agencies with NO results until Suzy came along and got the job done, often in record time and without deep price reductions.